How to Boost eCommerce Sales

Published at eCommerce by Sael on 28th Jun 2023

India is to become the second-largest e-commerce market in the world by 2034. So, e-commerce is the trend.

So, according to the trend, you have created an e-commerce store and your products are designed and ready to roll out. The website design is done. So, is the project over? No. Only the first step of the online business is ready. To sustain itself in the market, it is important to follow certain strategies to increase sales.

How do you increase your eCommerce Sales? Yes! It is not magic. However, it is a cakewalk, if you follow these 10 steps. This blog gives you 10 important strategies to follow to increase your eCommerce sales.

Table of Contents

  1. Important strategies to follow to boost your eCommerce Sales
    1.1. Grow your reach with a powerful email list
    1.2. Test smarter with A/B testing
    1.3. Maximize your store’s potential with SEO and Mobile Optimization
    1.4. Seal the deal by reducing Cart abandonment
    1.5. Offer customer service that will blow their minds
    1.6. Display your reviews
    1.7. Secure and Speed up your Website
    1.8. Provide a quicker and free shipping
    1.9. Ensure a clear and liberal return policy
    1.10. Offer diverse payment methods
  2. Conclusion

1. Important strategies to follow to boost your eCommerce Sales

1.1. Grow your reach with a powerful email list

Email Marketing is a powerful tool to increase eCommerce sales. When you spend $1, you get back $42 in email marketing. That means the ROI is 4200%.

Email Marketing

Email helps in promoting sales, staying in touch with the customers, and advertising the service/product and thus helping in higher E-commerce sales.
So, it is important to have an email list of the users. An email list consists of email addresses of people who would like to avail information about your business, products, offers, etc. It requires several people to build the list. Example: You insert an eBook and ask them for their email id or even a website popup.

There might be fewer people when you start your list. Do not worry. Take quality time and build the list.

However, the shocking information is that the open rate is above 50% only 3% of emails. However, the emails with compelling subject lines illuminate the centre stage.

The emails with the best subject line interest the readers to open the mail. When the subject line is written with a compelling hook, the readers would be intrigued and will open the mail to read the content.

Also, you can design a newsletter and send it to your subscribers. Also. You can segregate the audience according to their likes, personalize the mail and then send them. This will make the audience happy and increase Ecommerce Sales.

1.2. Test smarter with A/B testing

A/B Testing

It is important to test the website to make necessary improvements for the users. The changes after testing can be done for the headlines, product images, descriptions and also the entire design of the website. The main things that have to be considered are:

a. Mobile Optimization

Mobile Commerce sales are projected to exceed $710 billion in 2025. So, it is important for a website to load quickly on a mobile and also a responsive design is a must. This enables higher Ecommerce sales.

b. User experience

When a visitor visits a website, it should be a smooth and enjoyable process for them. If the website is filled with popups and no proper checkout method, the user will be unhappy and would leave the website and move on to your competitor's site.

So, it is important to do A/B test for your website and its content. Also, when there are 2-3 changes that have to be made, you can change them one by one to know the effectiveness of the change. This will boost your Ecommerce sales.

1.3. Maximize your store’s potential with SEO optimization

SEO Optimization

Most of the people search the internet before purchasing a product or service. So, when they search the web, is your website popping up first?

It is essential to optimize your website for SEO. How do you do that?

• Design and make your site interesting
• It is essential to understand the users and publish information according to their needs
• Win the trust of the users
• The website should be expert and authoritative with the content
• Do not publish ads that are distracting the users
• Make use of the hyperlinks effectively.

About 46% of people search for products on Google before purchasing them. So, maximize eCommerce sales with SEO optimization.

1.4. Seal the deal by reducing Cart abandonment

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Some users might fill up a cart full of products and you would get a notification about the filled cart. You will be overjoyed by the sale of the products. Yet, there might be some instances where the user might abandon the cart and would leave the website.

If this happens more frequently, you might feel bad. What are the ways to reduce Cart Abandonment?

• Exhibit the Call To Action clearly
• Offer multiple delivery options
• Provide a checkout that does not need signing in Guest checkout
• Provide support where it is needed
• Provide an option to save the contents of the cart
• Send them a reminder through message and offer a discount, after they have abandoned despite all the above steps.

Following this strategy would help in boosting Ecommerce sales.

1.5. Offer customer service that will blow their minds

Though there are multiple options to shop online, it does not imply customer service is not essential. The customer is the king of any business. Most of the ecommerce websites do not provide proper customer care which results in leaving the website and moving to the other. So, it is extremely important to attract customers and retain a loyal customer base by providing customer service that blows their minds.

Customer Service

It is essential to call the customers and enquire about the product they have purchased and offer those discounts and promotions wherever possible. Because, the customers increase the sales of the business, during the inception of the business.

When the customer-business relationship is built, the customers are loyal to you. You can deliver the promises you made and make them feel that you care. This boosts eCommerce Sales.

1.6. Display your reviews

Before a customer buys a product, they check them on the internet along with the reviews. More than 71% of users check online reviews to purchase the products.

Display your reviews

It would be important to inform the customer to give ratings to your products. When they are about to leave the website after ordering the product or come back to the website to look for some other product, you can prompt them to leave a rating. It is the best method to leverage reviews.

Also, video testimonials from your loyal customers might work like magic. The trust factor in your brand would be doubled. Also, the above strategy of email lists can be used to reach out to customers for their reviews or testimonials.

When your customers share their testimonials, you can display them on the landing page. The new visitors would have a reason to buy your products. It would also be nice that put up the name and photo of the real person. This increases eCommerce Sales.

1.7. Secure and Speed up your Website

Speed of the website

When a person browses the web, the speed of the website plays a major role. Because speed is vital for both the search engine ranking and the user experience. When the website loads fast, the ranking in Google also increases. But, how to check the speed of your webpage? You can use Google Analytics to know the speed.

When the score is higher than 90 it is considered as quick and 50-90 is moderate and whereas the score is lower than 50, it is considered as slow. These score parameters are according to Google.

Who will be able to assist in optimizing your website’s speed? A web development company can help you. It is critical for E-commerce companies.

So, when the website is operating at full speed, the customers save time and Ecommerce sales increase.

Website security is crucial. When the website is safe and secure, more customers will trust the product and buy them. It protects the name of your brand and saves it from the thief’s and fraud. Customers give more importance to the security of their data and enter the site and buy the products, only when they trust.

Security of the website

An Ecommerce website needs to have an SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a security protocol that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser. This certificate authenticates its identity and enables a safe and encrypted connection.

So, the secured website gets more Ecommerce sales.

1.8. Provide quicker and free shipping

Customers are fascinated by free shipping. A customer goes to the shop and buys the products. They would be reluctant to pay for shipping which might stop them from buying the products.

Free shipping is a good strategy to persuade a customer to buy a product. Though the product's price is high, free shipping would attract the customer to buy the product.

Free Shipping

The advantages of free shipping are:

• The average order value is increased
• Brand Awareness is increased
• It gives a good customer experience
• It lessens the rejection rate.

Therefore, free shipping ultimately boosts Ecommerce Sales.

1.9. Ensure a clear and liberal return policy

The return policy is convenient. It is an important part of operating costs. Customers always look for perfection in their products and also value for money. So, when the return policy is clear, it would be easy for both ends to manage the issues that the customer has.

Clear Return Policy

Also, it is important to be clear about the product and its description. Also, more than 60% of customers have mentioned that, they will not purchase the product, if there is no clear return policy.

When you ensure a clear and liberal return policy, eCommerce sales increase.

1.10. Offer diverse payment methods

Customers would visit your website, select the product, add it to their cart and finally when they are about to make the payment, it would be hard for them when their preferred method of payment is not available. They might change their mind about the purchase and leave the website.

Diverse Payment Methods

So, it is essential to provide diverse payment methods for the customers to purchase the product. Many payment methods are becoming popular like Google Pay, Amazon, pay, Wallets, Card, Net banking, Paytm, etc.

This strategy would help the last step leaving customers to purchase the product and resulting in Higher eCommerce Sales.

2. Conclusion

Sales are the essential entity in any eCommerce business. You can use these strategies mentioned in the blog to boost your eCommerce Sales. It is important to think from the customer’s perspective and implement strategies like phenomenal customer service, a secure and fast website, etc. Because, when you solve customer pain points, eCommerce sales automatically increase.