How to Create a Lead Generation Strategy to drive more Sales

Published at lead generation by Sael on 27th Feb 2023

A business needs a lead generation strategy to sell its goods or services successfully. The primary focus is on lead generation. To expand your business, you need to draw in quality leads. They will sooner or later become you're paying clients.

The Lead generation strategies often change due to the current trends and needs of the customer. It would help if you had a team for Lead generation in the organization.

Table of Contents:

1. What is Lead Generation

2. Why is Lead Generation important for businesses

3. Types of Lead Generation

4. The four L’s of Lead Generation strategy

5. Lead Generation Strategy Techniques

5.1. Build helpful and Strategic Content

5.2. Design Landing pages

5.3. Retarget website visitors with relevant ads

5.4. Nurture new contacts with Email Blast

5.5 Engage visitors on your website with live chat

5.6. Offer free tools

5.7. Publish Original Research and case studies

5.8. Capture Interest on Customer review sites

5.9. Offer free Webinars and create online courses

5.10. Create Multimedia Content

5.11. Social Media Marketing

6. Conclusion

1. What is Lead Generation

Lead Generation

A lead is a person who shows interest in your products or service.
You use this interest and drive people into the sales funnel in a Lead generation. All types of business would need new Leads.

2. Why is Lead Generation important for business

Lead Generation is important for business. When there are no leads, there are no sales and, eventually, no revenue. The firm has to be aware of what are the expectations of the potential customer?” The answer to this question is vital. Combining this answer with a high-converting landing page can quickly generate leads.

3. Types of Lead Generation

There are usually two types of Lead Generation

• Inbound Lead Generation

When website visitors are attracted and converted into leads, it is called Inbound Lead Generation. The visitors decide how, when, and should they engage with the content. Based upon that, they provide the contact information.

Inbound Lead Generation

• Outbound Lead Generation

The team would call the potential customers about the business products/services and turn them into prospective leads.

Outbound Lead Generation

4. The four L’s of Lead Generation strategy

Content is a crucial part of Lead Generation. They generate traffic to the website.

The 4 L's of Lead Generation

• Lead Capture

When the visitors visit the website, they will only come back if you get information from them. The best you can get from them is an Email id. But, they mostly don't prefer to give it to you. So, a strategy called "giving before asking" includes Lead Magnets.

• Lead Magnets

There is a hole between the traffic generation and lead generation phases. How do you fill that hole? We do it through Lead Magnets. The Lead Magnets are Email Opt-ins, social media follows, and subscriptions to get some interest/ information from the visitors. The aim is to receive permission from them to follow up.

• Lead Page Conversion Techniques

Landing pages are assets to convert visitors to leads. It can be any page on the website after the user clicks on the advertisements. In this stage, the business captures the information in return for something.

Here, lead capturing and warming the customers is done. These both are required to move the customer down the sales funnel.

• Lead Scoring

In this stage, you assign scales to the leads according to their interest and requirements. With this result, you can decide whom you should contact and who should be nurtured or dropped.

5. Lead Generation Strategy techniques

Below, we have mentioned 10 Lead Generation Strategies that help you to drive more sales

5.1. Build helpful and Strategic Content

Content marketing is the trend. This is going come a long way with Lead generation strategy. Content in long form like blog content, e-books, white paper, etc. will impress the potential customer that you are the subject matter expert and are ready to show it.

Blog writing is a good way to rank on Search engines. Integrate it with SEO tools. This helps the users read your content easily and drive more traffic. You can add a sign-up form along with the blog. This would be a base for the Lead Generation strategy. You can publish high-quality blogs each week.

Then comes the E-book or whitepaper content. This includes lengthier documents like ebooks or white papers, the creation of which necessarily involves much more exploration and moment.

When you create an ebook or white paper to use to drive sales, it's called a lead magnet. You could use many different lead magnet concepts, each requiring additional effort and time. It is a great way to get access to a lot of emails.

5.2. Design Landing pages

Design Landing Pages

It is a productive way to attract new clients to your company, gather customer information for sales, etc. The landing pages should be clearly designed, and the Call to Action should be clear. Your landing page should be optimized and easy to navigate.

For the landing page to succeed, the page load speed should improve and have a premium appeal. Landing pages help to increase the inbound leads for your business.

The Landing page encourages customers to take action. The CTA is related to Lead Generation or sales. You can use landing pages to download an eBook, register for a free webinar, etc.

5.3. Retarget website visitors with relevant ads

This strategy is effective in promoting Lead generation techniques. This automatically brings in more sales to the business.

Retarget Websites

It is crucial to set aside a budget for ads for your business. Also, retargeting especially appears to users who have already visited your website. While comparing the targeted ads and retargeted ads, the later CTR is 10% higher.
Retargeted ads are similar to regular ads. However, they attract users with whooping discounts or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

5.4. Nurture new contacts with Email Blast

Email marketing is one of the effective ways of lead generation. It is a fact that 37% of business brands concentrate on developing leads through email marketing.

Email Blast

When the user offers an email address, they expect a free download. Then, the organization's responsibility is to nurture the user with a welcome email, their valuable products, etc. They might become qualified leads once they are ready for conversion.

5.5. Engage visitors on your website with live chat

A powerful way to engage visitors on your website is by enabling the live chat option. When the user is browsing the website to buy products and is sometimes, stuck with some doubts. Live chatting helps clarify doubts and proceed with purchasing the product. Visitors who involve in live chats are 2.8% more likely to convert.

Live Chat

In recent days, chatbots have been in trend. These help in automating the information collected from the user. After which, you can assign a salesperson for the new user and also send a welcome email.

5.6. Offer free tools

When the user is browsing the website and finds a free tool, it leaves a good impression. This is a good technique in lead generation strategy.

It is an effective method as the user's pain point is solved, and they might turn into prospective customers later.

WPBlazer Free Trial

The WPBlazer is a Wordpress management tool that offers free trial. Once the user is satisfied with the tool, he will become a prospective customer.

5.7. Publish Original Research and case studies

If you have the resources to conduct surveys and research, do it. It increases the trust of the customer. When the study is published, the backlinks increase and generate several sales leads. Also, you would have put much effort into doing the research, so confirm it is in the hands of legitimate customers.

Research or Case Studies

Case studies are a fantastic source of social proof. They present results that have been acknowledged to by previous clients. Therefore, not only is this a great way to close sales, but it also aids in creating overall business leads.

5.8. Capture Interest on Customer review sites

The review sites allow people to review your business and view other people's thoughts about your products/services. Some review sites help in making decisions regarding purchasing.

Customer Review Sites

93% of people say online reviews have impacted their buying decisions. Increase the efficiency of this lead channel if you take the time to reply to reviews, encourage your supporters to leave favorable reviews, and cooperate with these sites to provide prompt responses.

5.9. Offer free Webinars and create online courses

A webinar can be incredibly beneficial for you. It is a relatively affordable way to reach a targeted audience who specifically requested your message when registered.

Free Webinars

Additionally, 52% of marketers believe webinars and seminars are the best channels for attracting targeted leads.

Your leads will take you more seriously if you can host a webinar and link to it directly in your content because you've already given them something of value before asking them to sign up.

When two people are actively involved, immediate magic can occur.
Hosting a webinar is done solely for engagement. The ease of joining the webinar, the subject, and whether or not participants stick around for the Q&A all affect how long people stay.

Consider holding a webinar if you want to advance your lead generation strategy.

A ReadyTalk study found that 30% to 40% of webinar participants convert to leads. Offering premium content is another tried-and-true method of selling during the webinar. In the webinar, a poll can also be started.

Successful online marketers are aware of the effectiveness of a well-planned webinar. Only webinars can be used to generate leads, nurture them, and build a successful business.

You can create free online courses and link it with the webinar.

5.10. Create Multimedia Content

People prefer other video formats more than text. They find them interesting and also less time-consuming. In all geographical locations, video formats and podcasts are becoming more popular.

When the multimedia content is properly used, the existing customers will be satisfied. Also, it helps draw a lot of new customers.

For instance, 64% of customers accept they are interested in buying a product/service after watching a video. And 90% of customers mention that the video helps them to make purchasing decisions. Finally, according to 87% of marketers who use video, their website traffic and sales have increased.

5.11. Social Media Marketing

Programs for generating leads through social media can vary depending on the business. LinkedIn provides you with yet another route to lead generation. It works well for both B2B and B2C lead generation.

Social Media Marketing

Podcasts, like webinars, are a fantastic way to connect with niche audiences and raise your chances of attracting more leads. In addition, podcasts continue to be very well-liked, especially in light of the expanding use of mobile. Produce sufficient quality content to be social. Instagram and Facebook can also be used.

If the traffic you receive from your lead generation strategies on social media has been declining, consider raising visibility by posting a brief video. Social media is constantly evolving. So continuously evaluate and improve your strategy. Don't leave it unattended.

6. Conclusion

So, Lead Generation helps in driving more sales which increases the revenue for the business. You can include the methods mentioned above and also think creatively out of the box and implement new tactics. This helps you to have a bigger audience.

Also, keep in mind that driving quality leads take time. So, being active on social media, planning your email marketing effectively, and creating quality content helps you achieve your target.

It takes a lot of consistent effort to acquire new leads and transfer them to prospective customers. Also, keep the customers in mind in every walk of the process.