The Benefits of Developing a Growth Mindset in Your Life

Published at personal development by Sael on 23rd May 2023

It's inevitable to fail. Failures have the potential to alter your way of thinking at times. While some get stuck with failures, others confront and treat them as stepping stones and climb the ladder to success. Famous people who fit this description include Jack Ma and Colonel Sanders.

Do you find yourself in agreement with this? If that's the case, what do you attribute to this divergence in perspective? What made their upbringing unique? Did they learn magic from someone? Has the Almighty blessed them? Definitely No!

Here comes the different types of mindsets. Yes! Mindset plays a major role.

The above-mentioned example persons had a growth mindset.

Table of Contents

1. What is Stuck State
2. How Mindset Forms
3. When does a Mindset Form
4. What is the power of a Growth Mindset: How changing your attitude can change your life
    4.1 What is Growth Mindset
    4.2 What are the benefits of a Growth Mindset
    4.3 A Growth Mindset Person
5. Conclusion

1. What is Stuck State

Ok! Let’s first understand, why people reach a stuck state and could not proceed forward. Why are some companies small and remain small?

• Fear,
• Following the same pattern,
• Being in the comfort zone,
• Lack of Vision,
• Lack of Purpose,
• Lack of Clarity,
• Lack of Leadership,
• Lack of thinking big,
• Lack of Action.

So, the way you think influences the choices you make. How we perceive things is extremely important and it influences our happiness and also success.

Therefore, mindset is associated with Growth.

2. How Mindset Forms

Everything begins inside your mind. It is mainly due to

1. Our beliefs, attitudes, feelings, core values and philosophical outlook on the world.
2. Set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself,
3. A person’s way of thinking and opinion.

It is the lens through which we see the world.

So, here arises a question. When does a mindset form?

3. When does a Mindset Form

Mindset starts from childhood through the form of praising and labelling. There are two types of praising

• Personal praising
• Process praising.

When you praise a child by mentioning his/her talents, it is personal praising. For example Veera, you are a good boy.

When you praise a child by mentioning his /her activities, it is called process praising. For example, Radha, you won because of your consistent efforts.

Labelling impacts the mindset of a child. When he/she is angry for a valid reason and we label them as – He is a short-tempered boy. His subconscious mind will process and even in unwanted circumstances, he would get angry.

So, you might ask, should I personal praise or process praise? 20% personal praise and 80% process praise is a good ratio.

Ok. What is the power of a Growth Mindset: How changing your attitude can change your life?

4. What is the power of a Growth Mindset: How changing your attitude can change your life

4.1 What is Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset people are always willing to learn from mistakes. They consider mistakes to be blessings. They believe that their achievements are due to their consistent efforts. Also, when something goes wrong, they are always ready to ask for feedback and improve. They find value in the feedback. Growth mindset people are willing to ask constructive questions and seek challenges and take risks.

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4.2 What are the benefits of a Growth Mindset

• Growth mindset people become more resilient and work extremely hard. They think more practically and set realistic goals. So, the route to success can be cracked easily.

• They become more flexible. They always believe that “Change is inevitable and embrace the changes”. This attitude increases their adaptability.

• They analyse a situation and are aware of the challenges and opportunities.

• There will be problems in every phase of life. However, they dissociate themselves from the situation, think clearly and grow creative in solving the problems.

• They set a goal and work towards the result. They are aware that, consistent effort leads to success and do not give up easily. The value they follow is Perseverance.

• They are fast learners. The idea of self-blaming is always a big “NO” for them. They become open to themselves and always think of solving problems against all odds. The value they follow is Bravery.

Fast Learners

• The one thing that is always there in their mind is success. So, they are committed to their work and are always accountable. The value they follow is Determination.

• They follow the principle “No Blames, No Excuses, No Complaints” ideology. They take responsibility for their life and work hard. They do not need an external person or factor to push them. They are highly self-motivated.

• Clarity is their focal point in life. They have the thought that “When I am fine, I can go to the next level”. They always take control of the time and money.

• They always have the answers to the questions-

1. What to develop?
2. How to develop?
3. Why should I develop?
So, they are happy and fulfilled.

4.3 A Growth Mindset Person

1. Embrace challenges,
2. Move forward despite of failures,
3. They believe intelligence and skills can be learnt,
4. They are inspired by other’s success,
5. They believe learning is the key,
6. They accept feedback and criticism and work on their mistakes.

5. Conclusion

“Success is what you attract,
Happiness is what you create”.

It is important to have a growth mindset for both personal and professional development. Always remember- Growth comes with the cost of consistent effort.

So, when you change your attitude and define your vision and work hard towards it- you will taste success in your life.